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Social Responsibility

"The silk industry is very difficult, the European debt crisis makes a significant reduction in orders, raw materials plummeted industry caused heavy losses, the high cost of enterprises, low efficiency, employee turnover, the closure of the factory, now do corporate social responsibility report not realistic." Famous silk industry enterprises in the "China business newspaper," the reporter said in an interview with frustration.


Department of Commerce National Silk Office Deputy Director Li Chaosheng recently in a forum speech stressed that will guide the enterprise social responsibility into the enterprise development strategy, "corporate social responsibility report" (hereinafter referred to as the corporate social responsibility report published on a regular basis. The business interests, image, strategy and national interests, the image, the strategy of organic docking more in terms of staff training, working conditions, improve the environment, labor protection standards and support public welfare undertakings and reflect the responsibilities and obligations.


Take the initiative to assume social responsibility, is the inevitable requirement of enterprise's long-term development, but also the inevitable trend of the sustainable development of the silk industry.


However, the China business news reporter learned that the upcoming release of the June 29th 2012 - 2011 China Textile and garment industry social responsibility report to participate in the list of companies, but no one silk enterprise.


China business news reporter access to relevant information found that since 2008, the textile industry issued the first corporate social responsibility report so far, a total of 86 companies issued a report. Taihu Suzhou snow silk Co., Ltd. timely response to the national call, has been published for many years also the social responsibility report.


Silk enterprises to take the initiative to fulfill their social responsibility and the release of the social responsibility report and the policy vision of how much distance?


As one of the silk industry leader in Taihu, Suzhou snow silk Co., Ltd. based on the sense of responsibility of the industry, released a report of the silk industry, to fill the silk industry in the social responsibility report on the blind spot".


After the enterprise is bigger, profit is not just the only purpose, the enterprise take the initiative to assume the social responsibility, is the enterprise's own long-term development of the inevitable requirement. China's textile industry to the environment pollution is very big, for many years, Daly, whether in equipment update or in the production line has reached the national inspection standards.


The silk industry is deeply social responsibility, especially the inheritance and innovation of silk culture, and it needs the care, supervision and support from all walks of life." A well-known silk industry companies say so.


Early, Suzhou Taihu snow silk Co., Ltd. will CSC9000T China Textile and garment enterprises social responsibility management system in accordance with the requirements, established working group on social responsibility, and in numerous management system of norms in "product quality, customer service, environmental production, the staff" four aspects of social responsibility policy under the guidance of, for enterprises to actively undertake and fulfill their social responsibility to provide sufficient manpower, material resources and technical support.