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Brand Story


Brand positioning: China's depth, international height

East of the world, the heart of the south. From all over the world Chinese shoe trace, from overseas neighbours think long look into the distance from the eyes, you can saw the scenery beautiful, cultural prosperity.

The essence of the south, Taihu home and a half. Taihu Ying Ying water, spread countless touching legend. From the pool of falling silver into this basin, are steamed up the vast expanse of blue water, clouds, scattered patches of snow. Taihu, originally is a legend.

Taihu River, silk township. Taihu's silk like light snow. Silk village scenery in truth, snow and silk gently cleanse the moist, verve circulation. Song Wang Qi said: "Jiangnan light snow, in reducing the cloud." Lu Xun said: "snow in the south, but the moisture of the glamorous to; that is still vaguely youth news is very healthy virgin skin." Undoubtedly, the Jiangnan snow beauty is the beauty of Taihu silk, in the Qing Dynasty, in the net, in the elegant, gentle in......

Taihu snow up, given the nature of the natural Taihu snow silk textile natural and pollution-free quality. Taihu snow through the fresh green products, the concept of environmental protection is deeply branded into the soul of the brand of Taihu snow. Taihu snow silk textile dreams - Cecil truth gathered, only for the clothing world, let every dream quiet nature.

Brand connotation: the world east, the heart of the South

More than 5000 years ago, silk began to emit first ray of dawn in the land of China, in the long river of history, our ancestors created many colorful silk products. Today, Taihu snow will silk in the textile field, dedicated for consumers to create a health quality, luxurious and graceful, warm and comfortable home environment.

Brand core: simple, comfortable, green, gorgeous

Taihu snow textile products with elegant, noble tone, injection of the classic design and strict production process, reveal the beauty and luxury silk products at the same time, into the modern fashion, simple low carbon concept of home.

Brand vision: Taihu Suzhou snow, snow in the south of the Yangtze River, Taihu, China Taihu snow, the world Taihu snow

China is the hometown of silk, and Suzhou is the home of silk. The vast Taihu bred long sericulture. The old, old qiluo. Let the world famous silk Suzhou, Suzhou classic ancient silk. Taihu snow Christmas was born in the beautiful Taihu Lake Crescent, the ancient silk technology into modern science and technology, we create a comfortable, elegant, gorgeous silk bedding. Taihu snow as a heritage of silk culture, in order to promote the silk culture has been appointed, always adhere to a good vision: let the world can feel the beauty of silk, the five thousand years of Chinese silk culture".

Enterprise values: focus, extreme, reputation, and win-win

Brand extension: the people can afford the luxury