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Management Team

First, Marketing director 1

Main functions:

1, to assist the general manager to develop the overall market development strategy and market development goals;

2, the organization of the project strategy research and analysis, analysis of market demand and changes in consumption and formulate related project feasibility analysis report or plan; to support the strategy, strategy, plan development and implementation;

3, the development of the Department's annual work plan and the monthly work plan, develop a variety of promotional activities, after approval, supervision and implementation;

4, system planning brand, advertising, promotion, public relations and other integrated planning and promotion program and the cost of the budget;

5, all kinds of exhibition planning and management of the whole;

6, organize the implementation of market research and customer research, timely provide market feedback, put forward the company's marketing strategy professional advice, grasp the development direction of the company in the industry;

7, has a wealth of industry experience in the textile industry

Specific requirements:
1, 30 years of age or more, more than 5 years of experience in the marketing manager of well-known enterprises or have a wealth of experience in the textile industry

2, marketing or related major; have a deep understanding of marketing work, a strong sense of the market, Min Rui to grasp the market dynamics, the ability of the market direction

3, have determined to adapt to the development of enterprise marketing strategy, medium and long-term product planning and implementation of organizational ability, decision-making ability, planning, organization, leadership, coordination capacity

4, work hard, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, good team work spirit

5, strong observation and strain capacity, excellent interpersonal communication skills, team building ability, organization development ability

 Two,Product design 2

Job responsibilities:
1, according to the annual development plan, to complete the design of new products;

2, according to the annual development plan, to complete the new product design

3, the completion of the bedding series product mix, product mix and product mix;

Job requirements: 
1, college degree or above, more than 2 years of home textile product design or flower design experience;

2, skilled use of computer design software;

3, the domestic bed goods industry style, fashion trends and design trends have a keen insight; a strong pattern and color application ability;

4, good creative ideas refining capacity, the new things have a sense of ability, the initiative innovation ability; excellent fresh graduates can provide internship opportunities

Three,Channel manager 3

Job requirements:
1, marketing and related professional college degree or above, more than three years sales experience in the home textile industry;

2, strong communication skills, strong affinity, good negotiation skills;

3, with the home textile industry brand franchise investment or terminal sales management experience;

4, the development and implementation of regional market planning, marketing strategy, and promote the implementation of the organization;

5, responsible for the establishment of the area under the jurisdiction of the sales network, the completion of the area set up the various types of sales targets and team goals;

6, responsible for the sales target according to the company, to develop and promote the regional marketing plan;

Four,Space design 2

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, age 25-35 years old, men and women are not limited

2, decoration and decoration engineering or related professional, there are more than 2 years working experience in the textile industry space design and a solid art foundation;

3, leading the project image research, design, promotion, and so on, can continue to achieve the image and brand of a high degree of integration and innovation;

4, construction experience, to grasp the material and construction process, can independently complete the store interior project design;

5, can skilled operate Photoshop, Illustrator, AUTOCAD and other related work software;

6, responsible, have a good team spirit, to provide related work projects.

Five,Market supervision 3

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, be able to adapt to the frequent business trip;

2, there are clothing or home textile display, store management, shop supervision or training experience;

3. Excellent communication and coordination skills and training ability of product knowledge and sales skills;

4, textile or apparel market supervisor and manager working experience is preferred.


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